• Hi there

    I want to be able to route between my lan and wan addresses i can reach computers on the wan side but only ping the lan ip at the pfsense box.


    From a computer at 10.50.50.xx i can ping but not anything else on that network can it be done with pfsense or???

    Regards Jesper

  • It's all a question of firewallrules and nat. If you only want to route you have to shutdown nat first (firewall>nat, outbound tab; enable advanced outbound nat and delete the autocreated rule at the bottom; save and apply). If your WAN lies within a private subnetrange you have to disable "block private subnets" at interfaces>wan. Additional to this you have to setup firewallrules to permit desired trafic (firewall>rules). Also make sure all clients have routes to the other subnet though the pfSense as gateway.