Extreme slow upload speed with pfsense 1.2.3 on Soekris 5501

  • Hi,

    I've been a happy pfsense user for a couple of years, recently i changed internet provider (to a fiber connection) and now my pfsense box seems to have problems with the upload speed.

    When i connect directly to box the ISP provided, i'am getting the promised speed (around 15/15 mbit), but if i connect my Soekris and then connect a client to the Soekris and takes a test at speedtest.net, the upload speed iam getting is around 0,83 mbit - the download is fine though.
    At the dashboard i can't see any sign of the pfsense box having any trouble related to performance. The CPU usage is not that high.
    I just replaced all the old cat5 cables with new cat6, so that can't be the issue.

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