Route 2 Lans

  • Hi. Im trying to do something like this:
    I have 2 LAN

    What i want its to have "clients" in separate lan adress than "infraestructure"
    Using pfsense to give dhcp in 172.16.1.xx and configuring a route to reach the access points in 172.16.0.xx. But if i add a static route with 172.16.0.xx does not work

                                                            -Client(                    -Client(

    Note: The access points are in bridge mode, so all clients are in same collision domain

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    You have overlapping subnets - that will never work. For OPT2 use a different subnet, say

  • But in this case, i cant have a second physical interface. Because the links are wireless between pfsense and access point 1. And the others AP

    Oh sorry, i see what you say, is 172.16.xx.yy and 172.17.xx.yy But the my problem its the same, how to use another net or subnet for my access points

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    I'm not an expert, but IMHO, i think the best way to isolate traffic will be trough a separate interface. If you cant add a third phisical interface, then go for a managed switch + VLANs, this way you can have each AP in a separte network and your wired LAN in another, this way you will have full control over the traffic of your network.

    WAN –pfSenseBox-- Managed switch|– LAN ( wired )
                                                      |-- OPT1 ( AP 1 )
                                                      |-- OPT2 ( AP 2 )

    this way you can set rules to allow / block traffic through / from / to LAN / AP1 / AP2
    You can get this with a cheap RB250GS.

  • This scheme is possible in a physical conditions like this?:

    My network is like a bus i think.

    Pfsense connects trough utp to AP1 and AP2 are 5Km away with bridge.. and AP3 are 800m more with Bridge to PFsense
    All the links after pfsense are wireless so i cant connect directly AP1 and AP2 to a managed switch

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    But, at least one of your APs is connected to pfSense LAN, then add a third interface and you can isolate easily your APs traffic from your Wired LAN traffic.

    If you want a "more accurrate" answer, please post a "clear" network diagram, with "all" the details of your network topology ( except the public IPs ).

  • Hi, this is a simplied diagram. Bridge are far far away from pfsense (its a PtP link with

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