IPSec and Mac issue

  • I'm new to pfsense. Installed it on a ALIX board and that went well. I have been playing with it for most of the past 24 hrs. My setup is del modem with block of 5 static ip address. Server hosting email has 1 static. I assigned another static ip address to the pfsense box and connected my laptop to it. I could get online, send email, etc.

    I set up ipsec and l2tp but could not get a machine, a mac running Lion to connect. Probably a misconfiguration on my part.
    What was strange was that with ipsec enabled, mail lost its connection to the mail server that is connected to the del modem. As a troubleshooting measure I disabled ipsec and the connection was restored. Tried it a few more times and the results were the same, no ipsec, mail worked, with ipsec enabled the mail to my server didn't.
    Mail to gmail and yahoo never had any issues when ipsec was enabled.

    Has anyone experienced this before? If so, is there a fix?

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