[squidGuard ] block Fecebook, but company profile on Fabebook

  • Nowadays Facebook it's no more just a leisure website to waste time, but it's even a showroom and contact point for any company
    Expecially if you sell consumer products (food) and you want to involve them in you marketing campaigns
    My need is to block all facebook, but the company profile
    I already have facebook blocked, both in proxyfilter(url) and in firewall (IP) properly blocking/dropping all the traffic to facebook

    I need an exception
    The alternative would be to define 1 single user/pc and enable it to access to facebook, maybe even add a time restriction

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Using something like squidguard you could restrict access by URL so they could only get certain parts, but other things may break (like images) on the page since Facebook pulls those things from a CDN.

    Blocking access from all but one PC is doable with squid/squidguard (even with firewall rules, search the forum it's been asked many many times)

  • I already use the group ACL to enable it from a particular client
    but it's an enable all facebook
    Please give a look at this and tell me if it may be the right direction

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