VPN 2MB Internet 1Mb, 512Kb, 256Kb

  • Hi folks !
    I have no such advanced knowledge in networking
    and Here is my scenario.
    I have site A, site B, site C connected to internet with ISP's (the city is different but the ISP company is same)
    each one has 1MB , 512Kb and 256Kb of bandwidth connection
    and have VPN Connection (router used is pfsense).
    what i want to accomplish is have 2MB for VPN Connection and for internet 1MB, 512Kb and 256Kb.
    I talked with the guys at ISP and they told me that we need to have a separate link for VPN, the current infrastructure won't work that way and we need a CISCO router pfsense won't work.
    so i'm preety tangled with this networking stuffs.
    i would appreciate if anyone could uncover my situation

    with thanks

  • @kalu:

    what i want to accomplish is have 2MB for VPN Connection and for internet 1MB, 512Kb and 256Kb.

    I don't understand. You want to add 2Mbps bandwidth to each of the three links shown on your diagram and reserve that for VPN use across the three sites?

  • i still doubt it's possible or not..
    hi wallabybob..
    We do have lot's of file transfer between SITE A, SITE B and SITE C so i want the VPN Connection to be 2MB between SITES.. (only the vpn connection)
    and let the internet connection be site A = 1mb site b=256kb and site c=512kb
    in short what i want to accomplish is….
    can my isp configure such that ..
    IF Communication is in between Site A, Site B, Site C, then 2MB
    Else the default rule..

  • I assume that the actual available bandwidth at site A is then 3 Mb, at site B is 2 1/4 Mb and at site C is 2 1/2 Mb then?

    If not, there is no way to get more bandwidth across the VPN than exists to the Internet…

  • Thanks Cry Havok
    for clearing my doubts…
    i suppose they were right we should have another separate link 2MB for VPN only (between site A B and C, without internet)

  • You could get the bandwidth upgraded at each site and use bandwidth shaping to control how it is used. Then if you had (say) 3 Mb/s at each site then VPN would have priority over 2 Mb/s but if it wasn't using it then the entire 3 Mb/s could be used by other things.

  • Thanks Cry Havok (Global Moderator)
    i'm clear now.
    actually i was thinking or passwing 1MB VPN data on 256Kb tunnel , which was impossible

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