Install python in nanobsd

  • Hi, im trying to install python in a alixboard but when i try, after download it gives a lot of this kind of errors

    What i try is this:
    pkg_add -r python

    and them:
    lib/python2.6/test/test_wave.pyc: Seek failed
    lib/python2.6/test/ Seek failed
    lib/python2.6/test/test_weakref.pyo: Seek failed
    lib/python2.6/test/test_weakref.pyc: Seek failed
    lib/python2.6/test/ Seek failed

    I need it for a script that modify the config.xml and reboot the system every day (adding and erasing ips in an alias)

  • danesco,

    I know it's not the best answer you want to see but did you try to write it in php?

    If you use xmlrpc or just a php to change config file it will work and php is native in pfsense.

    Marcello Coutinho

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