Need support for multi NIC and bridge mode. RC3 (latest Snapshot)

  • Hi all,
    i have here an HP Server with one on Bord Nic (bge0) an two Intel Dual NIC ( em0 - em3).
    I would like to use bge0 for Webinterface / Management Interface (connected with the internal Network).
    And em0 + em1 for bridge0 (transparent, with snort and ip-list block), em2 + em3 for bridge1 (transparent, with snort and ip-list block)

    How make i with pfsense during the installation?
    I arranged bge0 to WAN and em0, em1 to LAN_0, LAN_1.
    Afterwards i could not connect myself to Web interface (em0 - em3 not conected to the network).

    What wrong do i make? How here is the correct way (WLAN, bridges etc.)?



  • Te correct way to configure from initial install is to do what the documentation says. You need to complete the configuration through an interface named LAN because that gets default firewall rules that allow any traffic from LAN net to anywhere. Other interfaces get rules that block everything.

    You can get to the pfSense documentation by following the link on the pfSense home page:

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