DHCP lease display bug? Lease database only shows with arp entry?

  • Running 2.0RC3.  I recently  migrated DHCP function to pfsense to de-clutter my home network (had been running an ancient version of ISC dhcpd).

    Out of idle curiosity between tasks, I hit the "Status->DHCP leases" and got only the three systems I have defined with static leases when the lease database should have another 6-8 devices (three Tivos, an iPhone, an iPad, and a couple of other computers).

    I reloaded the Status-DHCP Leases window a couple of times, both remotely and from within the LAN and got the same three static-only systems.

    As a sanity check, I booted a VM that uses DHCP and made sure it got an address.  When I checked Status-DHCP Leases, voila – my entire lease database was now shown as expected, although all but the recently booted VM showed as "offline".

    Is this normal?  Do the systems need to be "online" (which I assume means an ARP entry) to be shown in the lease database?

    Is there a way to show every active lease, even if the leased PC isn't actively sending traffic through pfsense?  Is there any log file that can be referenced, possibly to show lease history?

  • Click the button "Show all configured leases"

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    Click the button "Show all configured leases"

    I did that and only got the same three static leases.

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