Strange Behavior on Gateway Delete

  • I had a situation today that would be rare, but still seems like a minor bug to me.  I checked Redmine and did not see anything like it  posted.

    2 sites using an ALIX and RC3 from Aug 17.

    We moved them from a PPPoE DSL connection to a Static Cable connection.  Initially I simply changed the WAN interface config from PPPoE to Static, entered the correct parameters and added a Gateway.  The PfSense web interface became very slugish an I had no internet connectivity.  I rebooted the ALIX withe the same results.

    What I discovered was the old dynamic gateway from the DSL was not removed. I removed it and still had the same issues so I removed the new Static I had created. Surprisingly when I refreshed the page the gateway reappeared. So I deleted it again then rebuilt the static gateway and all was well.

    I tested it at the other site with the same results.  I had to delete the old DSL gateway and the new gateway twice.

  • Some form of what you say here was fixed just before the release tagging so i can just say try with 2.0-RELEASE :)

  • Thanks Ermal.  I will test it as soon as I can.

    Patiently waiting on the official release. ;D

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