Can I use a USB key storage with Alix board and pfSense 2.0?

  • Hi everyone,

    I am familiar with the NanoBSD + Compact Flash Card + Alix board.

    However, I don't want to use CF anymore due it's complex install process on Alix board. If I manage to install pFsense on a USB key and if the image goes bad then replace it with another key then it would be golden perfect.

    1- So, are there any guides on how to install pfSnese on USB key and attach it to Alix board to boot from it?
    2- Are there any negative sides to this? Maybe the system won't be as responsive? Maybe the USB Key dies of too much read and write?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  • Alix boards are not able to boot from usb…

  • There are different cases now available, where you not have to twist off the mainboard, like the older ones. But of course, you have to open the the case, but then you can remove the cf simply from the front.

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    10 minutes with a dremel and you can have a CF slot, just put a piece of sticky tape on the CF as a tab to pull it out by. Cover up the hole with a sticker or something similar if it bothers you. That's what I do with mine that I use for development work.

    The units are designed to be put in place and rarely (if ever) cracked open. If you have to get into them fairly often then a CF slot in the case is a good idea.

  • I have experienced one or two boxes going doing because of power fluctuations and multiple restarts (which is another bad thing to Alix boards - no ON and OFF switch). The issue is not me being lazy but rather the client being totally dumb when it comes to the hardware and of course I would have to spend hours on the phone to get them to change the CF card.

    So, if I could have a USB back-up of the OS, I can give that to the client along with the box and then can simply replace the USB to get operation running which would not require me to fly down to their location :-)

    What boards similar to Alix do support USB booting? Or would it be an Intel Atom board?


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