Hello everyone static route in snapshot 1.2.3

  • How do I add a route in pfsense it seems that you have to add this static route inorder to connect to public ip address how will i set this to make the static route to the first

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    That is just cisco speak for "default gateway" - If you're on 1.2.3, that's the gateway you set on your WAN interface. If you're on 2.0 that's whichever gateway has "default" checked.

    What are you trying to achieve?

  • Hmm. in the case of me i just add a route on the command line and then i look up the routing tables that is labeled as default. but question now is how can i made that route permanent  on the routing table seems when i turned my pfsense off it will flush the newly added route.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Make it in the GUI. If you are on 1.2.3, just put the target IP in the 'gateway' field on the WAN interface page.

    If you are on 2.0, make the gateway entry under System > Routing, select it as default, and make sure it's also chosen from the gateway drop-down on your WAN interface page.

    You're really overcomplicating what is actually a very simple setting.

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