Captive Portal Problem

  • Hello :)

    Iam using pfSense in our business network.

    its running on a box with 5 NICs.

    WAN, LAN, DMZ, WLAN and one connection to our old network.

    On the WLAN interface are many aps connected. the wlan network is the wlan interface at pfsense uses, dhcp gives ips from to this works fine.
    but when i activate the captive portal at the wlan interface there is nothing. no login page or something.

    is there any option i must change?

    Best regards,

  • Did you upload a captive portal home page?

  • Oh, no, i didnt.

    but now i did it. but if i connect to ip:8000 there is no page..

  • No one any idea to fix this?

  • You might need to enable Captive portal again after uploading the home page.

  • Sorry, but this doesnt work for me.

    i think the webserver dont start, but iam no bsd expert.

    any other idea?

    best regards
    a hopefull ozric

  • You could try restarting the FW. Sometimes this can help.

  • I do this so many times :D But thank you for the idea.

    Now i want to test all…

    I restartet the firewall, connected a fresh AP to the wlan NIC of the firewall...but, nothing. the laptop gets an dhcp ip, but nothing more. the wlan subnet is . the interface is srarted with . but i cant ping when iam connected to the AP with laptop.

    any ideas whats going wrong?


    okay, very strange.

    ive deleted the wlan i think the dhcp server cant be online (ive rebooted the firewall). but when a client connects to the AP it gets an correct ip...

  • How is your AP hooked up? pfSense to a LAN port of AP? See

    Did your laptop get its IP address from pfSense? It should be recorded in the dhcp log in Status -> System Logs, click on DHCP tab.

  • The AP is connected to OPT1. On OPT1 dhcp server and captive portal are running.

    when i connect to the apo the notebook gets the right ip via dhcp, but there no portal.

  • @ozric:

    when i connect to the apo the notebook gets the right ip via dhcp, but there no portal.

    Is the pfSense OPT1 interface connected to the AP WAN interface or one of its LAN interfaces?

    Does the notebook get its IP address from pfSense or the AP? (Perhaps the AP has a DHCP server running.)

    What does the notebook use as its gateway?

    What does the notebook use as its DNS?

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