Load balance

  • I have a slightly odd question here (yes, another one!),

    I'm getting a bonded ADSL (actually 3 lines, bonded into 1 RJ45 lead) line put in which will be the main provision to pfSense.
    pfSense will be running in a vLan situation and some/most/all of the vLans will have a dedicated static public IP.

    I was wondering if there is any advantage in also load balancing with another line which has a separate, 'basic' ADSL provision on it?

    Is there any point in doing that?  It seems like a good idea - but it also seems like a daft idea!  The bond is 3 at about 6Mb each (not LLUed) and I could have an LLUed provision doing about 15Mb on the other side.

    Any thoughts?  Am I sounding like a certain knight in Monty Python to even be considering this?

  • Anybody got any feelings on this?

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