HP ProLiant

  • Will an HP ProLiant N36L 1P 1GB-U Int SATA 250GB MICROSERVER with a plug in giga network card on top of the on board giga port be good enough for running the latest pfSense?  Is the 1Gb RAM with it enough?

    Here in England, with a great HP offer, you can get one of these machines for under £100 (that's with the 250Gb SATA and 1Gb RAM).  And they are quite small and quite quiet - and HP are, I think, a reliable make.

  • I'm running a pfSense with 256MB RAM and there is plenty unused.

    Depending on the packages you plan to run and number of concurrent connections you expect to have you might want more than 1GB RAM.

    Those boxes have limited expansion capability. 2 interfaces is basic firewall requirement.

    You should probably install pfSense 2.0 since it is more up to date than 1.2.3 and so more likely to work on newish hardware.

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the box. I've thought of getting one.

  • As I can get the box for less than £100, it seems a great idea!

    There are going to be less than 100 people/machines connecting to the internet through pfSense on a bonded ADSL with about 18Mb in and 1Mb out speeds.  All the users are on separate vLans, so there should be no local traffic going through it.  Monthly internet use is currently downloading about 750Gb/month.

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