2x pfsense in failover, with standalone vpn firewall… how to route?

  • Hi,

    I'm currently working on a setup that has 2 vmware pfsense 2.0 firewalls in a failover configuration. Instead of having the VPN's go to my primary (and secondary) firewall, i would like them to go to a standalone VPN firewall.

    This poses a bunch of questions/challenges.

    1. the vpn firewall would need an interface in the same subnets as the primary firewall (of course)
    2. routing… i COULD make a manual route to the desired subnet on a given host... but that's just stupid.
    3. how do i exchange the relevant routing information? would this be possible by installing the openbgp package? or maybe by rip?

  • Sorry i have no answer for you, but you have struck interest in me here.. i have just been wondering how i can go about creating a second mirrored pfsense for redundancy.. is that actually possible?  I have 1 physical pfsense box currently.. but i do have a VMWare ESXi server that i can run multiple VM's on..

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