To usb or not to usb

  • I'm building a pfSense box in an HP Microserver.

    The PC does have a couple of PCIe ports and it has a single built in gigabit port.

    The PCIe ports take a good few minutes to get to so although I could get a PCIe gigabit card an use that with the on-board one, the box has lots of USB ports.

    My question is simply, will pfSense work with USB - RJ45 ports?

    Is that a good idea (if one fails then just you change the adaptor which takes about 10 seconds + a reboot and a port reassign)?  Or is this a bad plan?

  • Rebel Alliance

    IMHO USB network adapters are a bad idea in an production / busines enviroment….

  • I understand that - and in most ways I agree.

    However, they do seem a logical (and quick to replace if failed) option.

    These days they are getting close to removing all ISA (I'm old!), AGP, PCI, PCIe, etc slots and just giving us USB ones.  Mind you they've ditched Concord for other planes and that is a backward step!

  • Many people have reported random disconnects with USB adapters. It works, but you'll have problems.

  • In that case I won't take the risk.

    Many thanks.

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