Can the Reverseproxy forward to different Servers by path?

  • Hi,

    I´m wondering if the reverseproxy package can so something like this (assuming my network is reachable under
    surf to -> forward internally to server 1
    surf to -> forward internally to server 2

    I´m sorry, I do not know how to explain that better, but I think you got the point. I´f this isn´t working, what would you suggest me to do, if I have a couple of internal HTTP(S) resources and just one subdomainname available?

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  • Varnish is a reverse proxy with cache and can do it for you.

    at apache+modsecurity package i didn't find a way.

  • thanks for your reply. but with modsecurity my webs would be much safer, that´s why I intendet to use it. It seems you´re rather familiar with modsecurity.
    what would you do in my situation? tbh, I can make more subdomains, but for the sake of it i just wanted to have one.

    best regards

    //edit: i read through the varnish docs, and saw it cannot handle https, which is cruicial for me (OWA, filetransfer,…)

  • You can use all:

    I've set this scenario some times and it worked very well.

    Https -> haproxy –--
                                |---> apache + modsecurity -->  webserver
    Http -> varnish ------

    You can Also set this:

    Apache+modsecurity ---> varnish --->  web servers(/test)
                                               |-----> Web servers (/test2)

    In this case, apache handles ssl.

    Apache can do what you want but today the package Does not include this option.
    May be in a close future I may include this feature to gui.

    Varnish is faster then apache as a reverse proxy, do a test if you have time.

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