Update from nanobsd to nanobsd-vga?

  • Is a simple upgrade from nanobsd to the vga version expected to work? I'm currently running 2.0-RC3 planning to jump to release and would like the shortest path to vga support.

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    Short answer: maybe

    Long answer: It depends.


    Seriously though, there is a change to the boot loader as well as the kernel and such. It uses boot0 instead of boot0sio, so you might need to also run boot0cfg, though I'm not sure if you can do that when the system is booted off of that cf or not. You may have to yank the cf, flip that bit around, then it may be ok.

  • Well, I tried it and the outcome is documented here:


    Learn from my fail. (ok, not a total fail, as I did have a config backup and fresh install image on hand for a quick recovery. Learn from my example  :).

    Of course I don't know for sure that flashing a vga image caused the problem, but it's the only obvious hypothesis from my POV.

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