We are so anxious for the PFsense 2.0 VMware Appliance release and book

  • Good Afternoon!

    We only utilize PFsense in VMware Appliance, off course that its possible install PFsense in VMware ESXi from iso install, but we really trust in PFsense team and the certification that PF image for VMware is 100% correct and tested, like the 1.2.3 is and all those years that we had 0 troubles with it.

    Thanks lot PF team for the great effort , we are so gratefully and anxious for the release of 2.0 VMware Appliance and the updated book for 2.0


  • I would like to see a pre-made appliance too, with the appropriate vmware drivers or tools loaded.

  • build a pfsense 2.0 vm

    load open-vmtools


  • I am with you guys. I would like to see a 2.0 appliance for vmware. Any idea when it will be coming out?

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