IPV6 not working

  • Till the July images, I was able to follow the pfSense IPV6 documentation and get my router working for IPV6. I was getting DHCP leases on all VLANs and test.ipv6.com showed successful results.

    Since August, I am not able to get IPV6 running at all. All my desktops were able to get an IPV6 address from DHCPfor each VLAN before… but now no matter how many times I re-do the entire configuration again, it's just not working. Tests comes up with "No IPv6 address detected". One of the desktops might get an IP if I reboot the router but that's just once in a blue moon. Even with that the tests fail.

  • Have you enabled Captive Portal? Maybe ipfw blocked all IPv6 traffic. Try execute:

    ipfw -q add 00001 allow ipv6 from any to any

  • No, I am not using captive portal.

    I deleted the HE tunnel thrice and re-created. Have re-installed pfSense dunno how many times. The gateway is online all the time but I am not getting any local DHCP nor getting any actual IPV6 routing done to the outside world.

    Using the exact same steps I did before following the pfSense IPV6 guide.

  • Can you ping ipv6.google.com or something else at your pfSense gateway?
    If IPv6 is working on your gateway, check your LAN Firewall rule to make sure it allow IPv6 traffic.
    BTW: Are you running a DHCPv6 server?

  • It does not automatically create a lan ipv6 allow rule for you. You have to do that manually.

  • Yes, I am using a DHCPv6 server for every VLAN I have IPV6 configured.

    If it does not automatically create a lan ipv6 allow rule, should that affect the DHCPv6 server too? To be honest, I had put in an allow rule earlier but it slipped my mind to create an IPv6 allow rule for every VLAN configured for IPV6. I will try doing that today. Hopefully this should fix the issue.

    Thank you for your responses. I enjoy begin an early adopter of technology, thought it's a bumpy ride in the beginning :-)

  • OK just tested. Finally it works.

    I suggest either the IPv6 documentation needs to add this step of adding a LAN rule in firewall OR the IPv6 code needs to be updated with this step to add IPv6 LAN rule automatically.

  • yeah, looks like I missed that in my Howto as well. I'm just too comfortable getting around and it came automatic so I never figured as much.

    We'll add it!

  • Thank you !!

    Not sure if I need to start a different thread but I have a new issue with 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) built on Tue Sep 13 17:05:32 EDT 2011

    At least once every day the DNS functionality dies. The service itself is started but it ceases to function. Re-starting the DNS forwarder service does not work. Only way is to reboot the machine. No logs about anything failing.

    This is really getting irritating now as the DNS dies any time with no prior warnings. Any clues?

    My DNS is the following order. Earlier I just kept IPv6 DNS but adding IPv4 DNS doesnt make a difference.


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