Snort on 2.0-RELEASE (amd64)

  • I believe snort was fixed for i386. Has the amd64 version fixed too

    The reason I ask is this because snort performance is extremely laggy on my i5 8GB amd64 system. The package itself kinda works but it's no where close to how it worked before the package broke. Plus the CPU activity (keeping in mind it's a second generation i5) has been in the constant 5% to 20% range. The CPU activity is next to nothing with Squid, HAVP, SquidGuard and LightSquid running except for Snort. The moment I install Snort the CPU activity changes. Again this wasn't the case before the amd64 snort package broke.

  • CPU usage on my Atom D525 X64 with Snort enabled is really low, like 1%

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