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  • I'm setting up a pfSense box to control a vLan switch to enable about 40 users in 4 separate vLans (that cannot access each other) to access the internet over a three line bond of ADSL (bonded speed should be about 18Mb to the internet).

    My only, minor, worry is whether the machine will be up to it.  It will be a brand new HP ProLiant MicroServer, based on an AMD Athlon (though some advertise it as a Turion™) II Neo N36L (1.3GHz) - also, does anyone know which version of pfSense 2 should I use?

    It has an on-Board gigabit port, but I think I'm best getting 2 x PCIe Intel gigabit cards.

    It comes with 1Gb RAM, I'm tempted to up this to 2Gb - worth it?

  • If there is no inter-(v)lan routing, the machine will be more than capable of the job especially if you're not running any heavy packages like Snort or Squid.

    Basic load balancing and traffic shaping wouldn't be much of a load on the machine.

  • Thanks.

    There are no plans (currently!) to run any other packages.  I guess I might in the future.

    It is a building of serviced offices, each of which has a secure vLan which connects to the net via a shared, bonded ADSL.  There is a case of a vLan (64) which runs a shared VoIP network which everyone can use and is accessible from any of the other vLans, but the amount of use (thus the traffic) is minimal.

    Should I  up the 1Gb to 2Gb?  Or 3 or 5?

  • Right, I'm going to order one of these.

    It has a built in gigabit card, but I need to buy another - it is PCIe enabled and has one x1 port and one x16 (both are half height, half length).

    I'll probably get two and leave the on-Board alone.  I don't want to spend too much - suggestions please!

  • Anyone know if the

    StarTech Gigabit Ethernet Network 1000 PCI-Express Card

    will work?

  • That doesn't seem to list it.  Can you recommend a good cheapish pcie x card?

  • The FreeBSD hardware support list is useful but its not an exhaustive list. That is, there are supported devices which aren't on the list.

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