Best way to upgrade 2.0 RC2 to release? (ie. should I reinstall or upgrade?)

  • I'm using pfSense for my home network (with a few servers inside a server rack so it's not exactly a typical home network), but I'm running pfSense 2.0 RC2.

    What's the "best" or "cleanest" way to upgrade from RC2 to 2.0 release?

    The auto-upgrader is offering to upgrade me, but I'm tempted to backup my configuration, reinstall pfSense with the release version, and then restore my configuration.

    Perhaps I have a mindset from the Windows 95 days where "upgrading" was often a terrible idea and it was always best to install clean copies, etc.

    Can anybody give me any advice on this?

  • I would start with a fresh build of RELEASE.

    the restore feature works well and the overall build is quick.

  • Thanks for the response.

    Do you think it's even worth it just to recreate my configuration from scratch?

    My config isn't too complicated and wouldn't take long to recreate.  I'm not sure how reliable the restore feature would be when going from a beta (release candidate) to a final version like that.

  • I have been recycling my config file since BETA 5 with no issues.  I would do fresh VM builds every so often in between updates.
    From my experience, it has been solid for restores from build to build.

    I have a basic config with nothing fancy on the routing and networking side.  Just some nat's, aliases, rules and some settings, but way too much to redo from build to build.

    So for peace of mind and if you want to start fresh, do a complete new build and then make a backup.

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