Port forwarding while hiding public address

  • I've got a very old piece of equipment (~20 years old, 10Base5 Ethernet adapter) that I've attached to an isolated network with the help of a home museum of old network equipment. I need to make this appliance available to the Internet by forwarding port 1234 (example). My problem is that this device knows nothing of routing. It is hardcoded to reside on a /24 subnet with no means of configuring a default gateway. As such, when a client on the Internet attempts to connect to it, the device needs to see the traffic as coming from the local network (ie, hide the client's public IP).

    The device resides at The pfSense interface for that network is The device needs to see the Internet client traffic as coming from, or another virtual IP on the same /24 subnet.

    I know I've done this before but my feeble memory has reallocated that brainspace for the MacGuyver reruns that I've been watching lately.

  • Nevermind. Thanks to anyone that spent any thought on this before I figured it out myself.

    Virtual IP at, changed to manual outbound NAT, set an outbound NAT rule: Interface "LAN2", Source any, destination, NAT address of the Virtual IP

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