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  • Hi,

    I've a question about the pfSense Voucher System:

    I plan to write a "user friendly" php Voucher interface for the pfSense.
    Which files can be of importance for me? (voucher_used_1.db)
    In which file I need to write / manipulate ?

    I would like to create a simple interface with this you can create voucher.
    My idea was: three fields with name, Number of vouchers and duration.
    The result should then be the voucher codes with a print option.

    Thanks  :)

  • +1

    hope you make it public ;-)

  • Hi,

    I'm done with debugging of the voucher system.
    Next week maybe i can provide more details about the key generation an the databases.
    I had written a first "test-php-script" and it looks like it works.

    Can somebody provide me the development documentation/scripts/sources (e.g. github ..)?
    I have only found this: .

    Work in Progress ….


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