• Hello everyone,

    I have a little bit of problem and needs a little clarification here. I'm using the Feb. snapshot of pfsense and followed the http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-Wan/Load-Balancing how to. The problem i have is that when I create all the rules from the "how to" and restart i then cannot connect to the internet. And I have my errors on the "Acknowledgment area" on top of the page. It says error loading firewall rules. xxxx label LAN> WAN1 + WAN2". Before going any further, I want to clarify something.

    HTTPsAll Ports 22, 443, 444, 3389, 8443 Secure Protocols = Im ok with this except that when I click save it has an error, but i can manage with it.

    SS6520s IPs, Internet Routers = means that Alias "SS6520s" is the "Host/s" and it is the modem/router gateway. Or should I say, it's and for me?

    SS6520a1 IP Speedstream 6520 ADSL2+ Wan1 Router = means that this is just 1(WAN1) gateway? e.g. under

    SS6520a2 IP Speedstream 6520 ADSL2+ Wan2 Router = means that this is just 1(WAN1) gateway? e.g. under

    AM I RIGHT IN UNDERSTANDING THIS RULE? If i am, why do i get errors when restarting(rebooting) my pfsense and why can't i connect to internet after restarting?

  • delete the rule labelled "LAN> WAN1 + WAN2" and try to make it again. Some new updates do not parse older rules and so these rules do not work.

  • Thanks for your reply man! But what i highlighted was a correct interpretation of the how to? And you mean that after i do a reboot I'll have to delete the "LAN > WAN1+WAN2" rule? To add with this issue in /tmp/rules.debug, I traced the error and it says that the "pass xxxx route-to { (balance),(balance)} xxxx". What i supplied in "balance" is wan|, and wan2| respectively. In pf rules, i think that is "($ext_if1 gw1),($ext2 gw2)", right? So if you have substitute this to what highlighted in red, it will make up " (wan|,(wan2|"? Sorry for such a newbie. I guess this is the point of the forum.. :)

    Thanks again man! Hope I'll have a positive response for this…

    You all rock dudes!!!  ;D

  • I mean delete the rule and then add it again. If you are getting an error while adding it there is a mistake somewhere and the rule will not be used by the firewall, so your setup will not work properly.