Assigning VLAN's to remote router via OpenVPN results in loss of connection.

  • Hi Guys, and good day.

    We have three Pfsense 2.0 routers connected via OpenVPN to our head office. R3–> R1 <-- R2

    R1 has Squid installed and I have found that you will need to assign your remote router addresses / nets to bypass squid.

    I logged into R2 and was able to create a VLAN, however, when I tried to assign the VLAN, I lost connection.

    R1 was restarted, but I am still unable to establish connection to R2.

    I am posting this because I do not know if this is a known bug. IF you can advise further, please do.

    thanks, jits

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    When you hit +, it may have latched onto the OpenVPN interface and did something there. If it's restarted (even just the openvpn process) on R2 it may come back up.

    That's just how the assign interfaces bit works, you hit + and it grabs the next available interface, then you can change it and save to pick a different one if that isn't right.

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