• I've been having the same problem for the last couple months even to the current releases of the embedded version with long-term stability. What happens is basically 1day to 1week after being up the router will hard-lock(doesn't ping, webpage non-responsive). When switching over to m0n0wall 1.2 it is perfectly stable, from what I can tell there is something about the atheros wireless card I have which it doesn't like. Anyone else have a similar problem/solution?

  • Try removing the wireless card and report back if that solves your stability issue. My wrap runs stable like a rock with a cm9 wireless card. also check your powersupply. m0n0 doesn't utilize the card and I think it therefore uses less power. I'm running wrap 1E and 1D hardwarerevisions.

  • Remote syslog the logs to another host so that you can tell what happens right before it locks.

  • My 4801 locks up from time to time also.  It's got a wireless board in it too.  From what I've seen the 4801's ship with supplies barely big enough to handle the unit itself assuming the supply is 100% in spec.  I've seen low voltage supplies lock up 4801's with great consistency before.  This is probably power related.