Configuration Problems: pfSense 2.0

  • I'm sort of new to this. I successfully installed and configured pfSense 1.2.3 for simple DHCP and NAT in a VMware ESXi 4.x host. It has been working for a few days very well.

    I saw pfSense 2.0 was out so decided to try it before I go too far with the one I have. I cannot get it work successfully and after two days of researching and testing, trying, I'm baffled and need help, obviously.

    pfSense 2.0 installed in a VM on ESXi 4.x in FreeBSD x64.

    Configured WAN IP, DNS, and gateway and was unable to access at all. Restarted multiple times to be sure.

    I added a network interface and set it up as LAN, (off of another DHCP) and I am able to access the webConfigurator via this IP.

    I'm not sure what info to include but here is the setup as of now.

        public IP is set:  ISP provided static IP (I have a /27)
        DNS is set:  Provided by ISP
        Gateway is set:  Provided by ISP
        Other IPs in my /27 are in use and working fine.

    I cannot reach the web interface at all via the public IP.
        I CAN ping out to anywhere and resolve DNS from a shell in the pfSense VM.
        There is presently no firewall on this public IP.

    LAN:  (static)

    I am able to access the web interface from another system on the 192.168.1.x subnet.
        I have checked all settings and it seems that all is set properly.

    I would appreciate any help, hints, direction, whatever.


    ~ Tom

  • Have you setup the network plumbing correctly (the interactions between the network interfaces in the pfSense VM and the real hardware in the box)?

  • I have the public IP on the vswitch, which connects to a physical NIC. Numerous other IPs are also on this and they work.

    If I do a traceroute out from the shell, it goes directly to the gateway for my IP block and out, so I'm assuming that at least the outbound connections are correct.

  • I think what wallabybob is asking is did you setup the vSwitch correctly for pfSense (i.e. set "promiscuous mode" to accept).

  • I will check that and see.

    For now, I realized that pfSense has an awesome ability to upgrade built in, so I backed up my working install of the v1.2.3 and then upgraded it to 2.0. This was flawlessly done, and now I have a working version 2.0. Happiness and relief!

    I would like to understand why my other attempt did not work, so I will look into it and compare settings with this now working version to see what the problem was.

    Thanks all for the input. I'm looking forward to using pfSense a lot more.

    ~ Tom

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