Unauthorized MAC redirected through Proxy or CP?

  • Hi,
    I have had a good look around the forums, and cannot find the answer to this question without using a VLAN or something similar, and as I don't have a VLAN capable switch, I am looking for another solution.

    My current setup is like this…

    ADSL Modem --- pfSense --- Wireless/Wired Router

    Everything is working fine as it should with what I want, Running Squid/Lightsquid as transparent proxy for caching and suchlikes.
    I have setup a list of MAC Addresses in the DHCP Server for static leases, all good.

    What I want todo it, any user that doesn't match a MAC Address in the list, have all ports blocked (like a captive portal) and be redirected through a squid proxy (seperate one than everyone else uses, either on the pfsense box on different port, or another box on LAN) still have access to the internet, at a restricted speed, but no access to any other ports outgoing.

    Main thing I want todo, is being able to mess with them (this is a SOHO network, WiFi is WPA2, so anyone who gets in, deserves it, or if I decide to mess with my partner) like this http://www.ex-parrot.com/pete/upside-down-ternet.html

    Maybe setup DHCP Server so anyone in the Dynamic Range, is redirected through another squid?

    Is there anyway todo this from within pfsense? Or should I look to set it up through SSH, maybe with IPW? I am not that familiar with FreeBSD, more used to iptables and Linux.

    Sorry for the rambling, hopefully you can understand what I want todo.
    Basically, static ips = go through normal squid/lightsquid and the dynamic range or maybe unauthorized (but still need ip) go through another proxy with speed limiting, port blocking)

    Thank You for your time.

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