Varnish for multiple CARP IP Interfaces distinct from WAN IP address

  • Hello guys,

    Yesterday I updated sucessfully my Pfsense 1.2.3 to 2.0 and this morning started to look for modules reinstall.
    I show varnish was ready for 2.0 and try it but I saw a few problems (for me) at modules config web interfaz.

    I have 6 Virtual IPs (ProxyARP) with Public ip address on wan interface in addition to wan public ip address, that ips are beign nated to private ips at dmz, where are the servers, in my case more than one web server.

    I would like to use vanish on Pfsense but It allows me only to specify port, not ip address (I supouse it uses wan address), and only can use one ip address to listen, not different ip address for different process in spite of Varnish can have one process per ip adress listened.

    If you agree I think this few changes could be very usefull for improve this package possibilities

  • Today the package listens on all interfaces at port you specified.

    To have multiple varnish, you can copy conf file and put a second daemon startup at gui advanced startup option.

    When using multiple varnish, you will need to name each one with -n arg.

    sample advanced startup options

    -n apache 
    #set name on default daemon
    #startup second daemon
    /usr/local/sbin/varnishd \
        -a :3129 \
        -n squid \
        -f /var/etc/squid.vcl \
        -s malloc,2048MB \
        -w 32,1024,300

    I will find a way to change setup To let you choose interface and auto name them.
    Wait for pkg v 0.9.

    Thanks for your reply.

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