ADSL+HDSL I cannot "add" bandwidth

  • Hi Guys

    I have an ADSL 12M/1M + 1 HDSL (3M/3M), I create a LoadBalancing WANPLUSADSL, and 2 Failovers WANnoADSL and ADSLnoWAN.
    On the First One I put the WAN and ADSL on the same Tier (1 for both), on the other ones I use Tier1 and Tier1 respectively to the case.
    I defined my lag to use the different Gateways (Rule in Firewall) and I made a test.

    Case1: GW_ADSL -> 12M/1M (as expected)
    Case2: GW_WAN -> 3M/2.9M (as expected)
    Case3 and Case4: WANnoADSL and ADSLnoWAN (as expected)


    Case5: WANPLUSADSL -> 7M/2.5M ????, I tested using different gateways to my lan and I never get more speed than this.

    I made a similar test using 1.2.3 and it "add" the speed, but here the speed is lower than one of the components of the gateway group.

    Any suggestion or any help?

  • Let me update my question, I made a mistake on my first explanation.

    Again, I have 1 ADSL and 1 HDSL, if I put both into a ROUTING GROUP (System->Routing->Group) using Tier1 for BOTH, I don't have the SUM of the bandwidth BUT the difference!!!!.

    Can someone explain me where is my error?

    I test it with "Member Down", "Packet Lost", "High Latency", and "Packet Lost or High Latency", in all the cases I have less bandwidth than the sum (near 5 to 7M).

    Thanks in advance.

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