[Help] Unable to make imspector work on PFSense 2.0-Release

  • Dear all experts,
    I'm using PFSense 2.0-Release for i386. I installed the Imspector package to log for Yahoo. It's said that install completed. I enable the package but nothing happened. I can't see any log and no log file.
    I tried to debug but nothing strength.
    Does anyone solved this problem?
    Please help me!

  • Check first if your rules enables Yahoo messages on default port. If the client try to reach Yahoo at non default port, imspector will not catch anything.

  • Yahoo messenger run on default port. I can sure about that.

  • So strength. I sign on yahoo messenger and use netstat -an command to determine which port is using. But i can't see the 5050 port.
    I'm using yahoo messenger 10.
    Is that the problem?

  • Go to pfsense console, and do a tcpdump -ni "lan_interface" host "your_ip_address" and port not 22

    This will show where yahooo Message looks for servers

  • Thanks marcelloc,
    I upgrade Y!M to version 11 and it seem to be OK now.
    Thanks for your help :)

  • Dear all,
    I figure out that the Y!M version 10.0.27 didn't use the default port 5050.
    After i update Y!M to another version, it use port 5050 and seem to be OK with imspector.
    Thread close, thanks all

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