DHCP with LDAP Backend

  • Hi,

    I am using pfSense for some years and now using 2.0 version as a FIREWALL+DHCP+++++++++. :-)

    I already have a LDAP server with DHCP schema (configured on a Debian with dhcp.schema from isc-dhcp-server package) and would like to use it as a backend to pfSense DHCP. My LDAP are ok working as a backend to samba, e-mail, apache, etc.

    On pfSense I had 2 lan interfaces ( and and configured DHCP with all options ok and with LDAP URI for each lan like: ldap://my_ldap_ip/ou=DHCP,dc=mydomain

    I had configured DHCP hosts on my LDAP using this config as a base reference: http://wiki.herzbube.ch/index.php/ISCDHCP.

    dn: cn=host1,ou=DHCP,dc=mydomain
    cn: host1
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: dhcpHost
    dhcpHWAddress: ethernet 00:aa:fa:f01:8d:00
    dhcpStatements: fixed-address

    The connection is ok: Sep 22 11:22:46 ldapserver slapd[17445]: conn=39 fd=26 ACCEPT from IP=my_pfsense_ip:21023 (IP=

    The problem:
    When the host1 are configured on pfSense with MAC, Hostname, IP… the DHCP server send the correct IP to client. But, when the host1 is not configured on pfSense and configured on LDAP the DHCP send a random IP from the configured DHCP range.

    I want all the DHCP configs on pfSense (I don't need then on LDAP but if necessary I can put) and only hosts on LDAP.

    How to do it?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english.

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