ALTQ problem with "rl" interface

  • While the Filter Reload Status (after using the EZ Shaper wizard) I get the following error:

    There were error(s) loading the rules: pfctl: rl1: driver does not support altq - The line in question reads [ rl1]: ...

    But I have read in this forum, that ALTQ works with a rl interface. So where is the problem?

    I have a Jetway J7F4K1G2 with two Realtek RTL8110SC PCI LAN Chips and using this driver,2765.msg16564.html#msg16564

  • Can you test this with another model net card?

  • Perhaps that model of realtek does not support it.

    Either way you should consider dumping that sub-standard card and go with something a bit better such as intel.

  • @dvserg
    No :(

    I have just a Wlan card, which make even problems to run normaly…


    I would use intel gladly, but the problem is, that it is a mini-itx board and in the one and only pci slot is the wlan card.

    In the thread about the driver stands

    The re(4) driver supports RealTek RTL8139C+, RTL8169, RTL8169S and
    RTL8110S based Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet adapters

    but I have a RTL8110SC. Could be this a problem?

  • @BlackNexxus:

    but I have a RTL8110SC. Could be this a problem?

    Very possibly.

  • Mmmh. Now I am confused.
    If I look in the FreeBSD Man Pages, I read that I need the re driver. At first gbelanger talked also about this driver. But in the end he compiled the rl driver.
    The driver I downloaded from Realtek seems to be a rl driver and I think it's the driver, which gbelanger used.
    Only an older version, but the new version added just "implement the interrupt handler of rx fifo overflow"

    I will install the whole system anew, because I think there was maybe an error during the last installation (very old cd-rom device), because I have some mysterious problems and for a few hours the system don't boot completly.
    Than I make a new test.

  • I just recently ran into this issue as well. I purchased an mini-itx system from Mini-Box with the 3 Gigabit Ethernet port add-on figuring it was going to work out great.

    Little did I know…

    The basic issue is the version of the drivers Realtek released doesn't support ALTQ, it makes calls to the interface directly instead of calling into the queue management functions. I suspect that the driver source they released was meant to be compatible with multiple versions of FreeBSD and the 4.x generation of FreeBSD didn't support ALTQ.

    I tried back porting the FreeBSD 6.2 driver source back to the pfsense 1.0.1/FreeBSD 6.1 environment which is supposed to support the new card IDs, but didn't have much luck. The system would hang after identifying the 2nd gigabit port, sometimes the third.

    I eventually settled on using pfSense 1.0.1/FreeBSD 6.1 with the Realtek drivers, I'm not sure when I'll give it another go.

    I am using a CF card to boot my mini-itx computer. My build environment was through Virtual PC 2007. I was basically uploading new CF images to an FTP server, PXE booting the mini-itx system using RIPLinix and then dd the image to the CF card. My CF reader on my Windows box was eating up CF cards (probably user error).

    ----- Rom

  • The new snapshots run freebsd 6.2. Did you try to run your box with these?

  • One of the variations I tried involved a recent snapshot.

    But I don't remember if it was a stock configuration or not. I was using a variation of the script to modify the cf images to add different drivers and stuff. It took me awhile to get my barrings, it was my first time working with FreeBSD.

    BTW, I think there is a bug in the script. Near the end of the script it tries to unmount the device instead of the directory which causes a file system check the very first time the machine is rebooted after writing the image to the CF disk. It isn't a huge deal since the file system check fixes the issue for future reboots.

    cd $FLASHTMP
    umount /dev/${MD}a
    umount /dev/${MD}d
    echo "date '+%b %e %T': Cleanig up."

    cd $FLASHTMP
    umount mnt/a
    umount mnt/d
    echo "date '+%b %e %T': Cleaning up."