Problem in testing enviromment cluster master/backup carp+bgp

  • Hi all

    I'm deployment a high availability environment with pfSense + carp and BGP (I'm using OpenBGPD Full-route), I set up a cluster with 2 LAN and WAN using VLANs, set up the advbase advskew to 1 and 0 as the master and advbase = 1 and advskew = 100 and let the slave and start a download, after restart the master failover occurs usually without loss of connection on download. BGP is usually full-route  as this has routes to all corners of the internet:)

    But when the old master as the master takes him back again and he did not have at the table it states the current connections and have lost connection. I have made the same parameters and advskew advbase the master and backup but still does not work as it rises in the master node as master LAN and WAN pfsense on the other as backup. Any idea what might be wrong or the carp funcuionando + pfSense is correct and what I'm trying to do is not possible?

    note: The two pfsense rules are synchronizing settings and alias, the table of the states.

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