• Hi all,

    I know next to nothing about BSD. I run a windows machine as a software raid 5 file server, a web site and an ftp server, and BSD box with PFSense as my firewall / router etc.
    I was wondering if I could use the BSD box to run a raid 5 array which could serve files to my windows PC's and my web site and ftp server?

    As I said I know nothing really about BSD and have no idea how I would do this or if its even possible. Is there a software raid 5 for BSD? if so could I run it on my PFSense box? Could I also run a web server and ftp server? If so how do i set this up?

    Does anyone know if this configuration is possible???


  • No.  None of this is supported.  pfSense is a FIREWALL not a file server.

  • Maybe you should setup a sme server instead http://www.smeserver.org/

  • Either that or FreeNAS (which would be my preferred solution).