Local Routing

  • Hi Master/s,


    I have setup 2 WAN and a LAN with Load Balancing, I also have a http server on WAN2- with HTTP-
    I could access the site but in the middle of downloading/loading  application my connection was down, probably because of load balancing.
    Now, I created a static route with destination, but still the connection was lost.
    Should I create a LAN rule that all traffic for destination should pass through WAN2 Gateway? or suggestions please..
    Been solving this all for almost 2 days but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance!

  • bump masters, pls help in case you have encountered scenario like the one I mentioned above..
    thanks again!

  • Have you turned on sticky connections?

  • nope, got it goin already! haha, thanks!!
    used the group for failover of wan2towan as gateway, processed fast enough..
    thanks again, hope this helps people in need.

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