Tinydns setup + resolution

  • Hi,

    I'm very new in DNS at practice. I use Pfsense 2.0 + tinydns package. I have running a samba server as PDC on a different machine and I also want DNS for it on pfsense.

    So my net looks like that
                             Samba Server workgroup = foo.intern
    int.  /
    pfsense <–---

    My domain is foo.intern
    pfsense host: mcp
    Tinydns is binded at and is listen on all NICs

    tinydns data, created with the wizard


    domain foo.intern
    nameserver <--ISP DNS

    dns forwarder activated
    no dnscache
    the only thing which works is, ping mcp.foo.intern from all my clients but I cant reach any client hostnames.


  • I have also a lot of problems getting DNScache to work, but TinyDNS seems to work fine for me if changing the Bind Address to the internal one.

  • I cannot get this thing to work.

    My config:
    Binding to
    Interface to listen: all
    Enable recursive DNS responder: ON
    Zone transfers:

    When I try nslookup google.com, I get:

    Non-authoritative answer:
    *** Can't find google.com: No answer

    On log I get:
    2011-11-05 14:47:31.238454500 A        responded                google.com

    Please help!

  • If I take off: Enable recursive DNS responder, then on my log I get:

    2011-11-05 15:25:38.152130500 A        not_authority            www.google.com

    Besides, my resolv.conf gets edited everytime I reboot/restart the server, where I stop that (script) ?

  • Solved.

  • For future use it would be great if you could type down the solution for us to view.

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