Hllo i want to install pfsense on an old computer

  • hllo i want to install pfsense on an old computer
    700 mgh
    and 512 mega memory

    what version do i need
    and how do i install it

    i am new in this

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  • i dont speek einglish
    or read very well

    before i post this i try to read in the link that you gave

    what type of version i need to my old computer

    what is the difrents btwin evry version

  • There are forums in languages other than English here. Look further down and see if there is one in a language you are more comfortable with.

    Don't forget http://translate.google.com/ either.

  • OK now at least I write good
    But it still does not help me
    Like I said I want to install the Software on an old computer with 512 MB memory
    700 MHz processor
    How do I install it
    I should add that on Windows or Linux
    Or you can install it with no operating system
    Why do I need to flash memory card
    Can I install it on a hard disk
    Why do I have some 512MB versions 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
    What are the differences between various versions
    Which version works best for my computer

    Thanks for your help

  • You don't need flash card if you have harddrive
    1g,2g & 4g editions are for cf-cards with different sizes of cards.

    you can (and really should) use iso-edition with harddrive

    you don't want to have windows or linux on same machine, because pfsense is going to wipe those out. pfsense runs on freebsd (Operation System)

    Installation: download iso-image, burn it to optical media(commonly known cd/dvd) and boot with that. follow orders.

    what is your native language, if there is same languages native speakers around to help you out

  • I speak Hebrew

    List of downloadable files which one I should download
    Files with extension "iso"  "img"
    They have continued after like gz or gz.md5 or gz.sha256
    How do I burn these files
    Do I need to change their name?

    After I burn it to disc
    I just install it as I install an operating system?
    What versions I should download?

  • just download iso.gz edition
    There you still have possibility to download either i386(32 bit) or amd64(64 bit) editions

    after you've downloaded the file unarchive it and burn it.
    You do install it like operation system.

    .md5 and .sha256 is for hash checking, it's very good habit to check downloaded file, atleast if it's operation system or executable

    you don't have to rename those files at all

  • Process has several options
    Standard Installation
    Advanced installation {for those who want to configure itself}
    And another thing that I do not remember

    I chose the first option

    Then I showed up 3 more options
    Installing more than one processor
    Installing without vga
    Installation with etc etc etc

    What to choose ?

    and then after the install end
    how do i Access the Management Screen ?

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  • I went through the installation
    I have a strange problem
    I can not access the web interface from a PC with Linux

    Is there a way to set up the router quickly

    There's lots and lots of settings

    is there an option to access the web interface from the computer the pfsense is install on

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