Alternate download mechanism for packages?

  • Here's my problem:
    My ISP (which is also my local telco), in an atrocious display of ignorance, messes with http traffic.  In an attempt to preserve its over-priced telephone business it does things like block connections to, etc.  It also does stupid stuff like block http requests with certain keywords in them.  Apparently, one of these keywords is "proxy".  So, my problem is that whenever I try to install the squid package it times out trying to download

    Is there any alternative download mechanism for packages? Maybe https? or ftp?

  • I hope you are not in the US because what your ISP is doing is very illegal.

    I don't know of any alternate downloads but you should start looking into a VPN service.

  • No, I'm obviously not in the U.S.  Dunno if it's illegal or not there but that doesn't matter: No one who has even a little bit of knowledge of how the internet works would do anything this stupid.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the VPN.  I have a FreeBSD box sitting in the U.S. so I just ssh'ed in configured IP forwarding and NAT, installed OpenVPN, configured it, made it my default gateway, and YAY!! I can install squid (as a bonus all the weird stuff that used to happen like connections being abruptly reset, parts of web pages not appearing, etc. have disappeared).  I should have done this a long time ago. Thanks!

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