Iphone on demand vpn

  • Hi,

    has anybody ipsec with iphone on demand vpn working??


  • Hi,

    I'm interested in the same question. As you can see in an older post, it works: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,28730.0/prev_next,next.html#new

    I tried to build this in my environment. Got IPSec with PSK+XAuth working and want to switch to RSA+XAuth, but the Problem I have, is the iPhone, it doesnt accept the Certs, I created with de pfSense Cert Manager. Does anyone has an Idea how to create the Cert for iPhone? Is there something special?

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  • Same on me. PSK + Xauth is working perfectly.

    I installed the "OpenVPN Client Export Utility" package and exported the client certs (*.p12 file in configuration archive).
    You have to import the cert with the "iPhone Configuration Utility" to your iphone. Also you need a password for certs, otherwise you can't import certs on iphone.

    I you have it working, please tell me the configuration.

  • Hey,

    tried to export the certs with the openvpn client exporter, but that doesn't work for me. Only got "VPN Server is not responding" on the iPhone. I forgott to save the logs and cleared the logs… hmpf..

    But on thing seems to "could" work. I downloaded XCA as Cert-Manager. Exportet the crt and key file from the pfSense Cert Manager directly and importet it to XCA. After that i generated a p12 file with XCA from the .crt and .key file i exported before from pfSense.

    When I try to connect with this p12 file, I can se some respond from the firewall in the IPSec log... but now i get the error on the iphone: "Could not authenticate the Servercertificate"... Think some subject is missing in the cert and iOS devices are very picky with the settings. Would be nice if someone who got it running can tell us his way of export and import the certs....



  • hi,

    have you made progress on this topic?

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