Pfsense, SIP and NAT traversal

  • Hi All,

    This is my first post.

    We are looking for a fully fledged firewall (like pfsense) that is also designed to understand SIP and the nature of Realtime communications.

    Are we able to say that pfsens will work if it was installed as an edge firewall allowing UPD/SIP and UDP/RTP protocols through with or without NAT?

    My experience is that not all firewalls are capable of doing that and needs to be a SIP capable firewall like Ingate etc…

    Anyone has some feedback on this area?


  • Rebel Alliance

    Hi, im using pfSense 2.0 + siproxd since Dec 2010 ( pfSense 2.0 Beta5 ) in a Test enviroment and it work fine, at least for my needs.

    My network topology is:

    WAN1 –
              |--[ pfSense + siproxd ]–--- LAN  --> [ MT PPPoE Server ] –> [ Wireless AP ]    <– -->  [ Wireless CPE ] –->  [ ATA ] ( SPA2102 )
    WAN2 –                        |
                                        ------> [ SoftSwitch ]–> PSTN

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