SquidGuard: how to add manually an extra destination group

  • hi,

    I'm using pfSense 2.0-RELEASE

    I've running squid+squidGuard (shallalist)
    Well, unfortunately shallalist doesn't provide any proxy-block-list.

    I've tried to create my own block-list via 'target categories' but it seems to have some limitation when I pasted my list into 'domain list' (ca. 60.000 entries separated by space) and then clicked on save - it finished like ok, but if I've opened (e) the category, the field 'domain list' remains empty.
    I've experienced - if I've just pasted a view domains - it works.

    Is there a other way to create an additional destination group containing ca. 60.000 entries?


  • Did you try to edit squidGuard.xml file?

  • Hi doccocaubai,

    no, I gave it up at the moment …


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