• Hi all ,

    multi wan configuration on 1.0.1 work very well (some limitations , but … nice )

    i ve made a pool , with my wan connection (like a load balencer in fact) named multi_wan .

    In the Qos setup , i can only put on a "physical " interface , and not on a virtual group like multi_wan ?

    Did you know a work-around for it ?  :'(


  • thafic shaping works only between 2 interfaces (wan-lan or opt1-lan)

  • There's a bounty to support work on this feature. For the current versions what jeroen234 said is right.

  • And fwiw, we're having MAJOR issues getting it working properly.  I suspect we'll have to make it work a bit differently in order to get shaping on both wans.  Not sure that it'll still work as good as it does now with that change.


  • hi , thanks to all for the reply.

    i ve added 100$ in the bounty.


  • sorry for the annoying but ,

    can i give an higher priority with or without the traffic shapper , on a specific port range (regardless the lan coming to ? )