SQUID and ActiveDirectory problem

  • Hello.

    First of all : big thanks to DEVs for a 2.0 release - testing from early beta and still much impressed about changes you have done, time you have spend and probably hectoliters of drinked coffe  ;D

    I have a problem with SQUID and users authentication to AD. I am on 2.0 x86 release. Have configured AD server in users administration, and testing from there works fine. Also in diagnose i can pass AD connection test.
    In SQUID, settings for authentication are the same, but users cannot auth. After many tests, using squid_auth_ldap helper from command line and tracing packets via tcpdump, only thing i've observed that squid_auth_ldap did not generate any ldap traffic to domain controller, and pfsense itself do (for example in testing AD connection from users config)

    I can say that about 1,5 month ago I have made actual configuration for testing purpose and was working fine. I have waited for a 2.0 release to put it into production and because problem with SQUID I cannot

    Please, help me to resolve this problem or point me to possible solution

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