2.0-RELEASE Routing problems

  • I have 3 firewalls running the 2.0-RELEASE. One is 386 on cheap hardware..the other two are 64bit Dell 1950's. After upgrading to the full release from the RC3 I started encountering routing anomalies. IE: traffic passing but cant ping gateway IP. Or even worse, upon reboot, no gateway in routing table at all.

    I had openBGP running and have removed it…then did a fresh install on the 386 machine. This morning after a reboot, the 386 had no default route.
    I have experienced this on all 3 firewalls...and it has no common denominator. One happened after a reboot, the others happened over time. I cant get RELEASE to install on the 1950's from an iso, just hangs forever. I have removed all packages and hardcoded (via shell) the default route. Once I do this all seems well, but I'm scared to touch them now.
    Any ideas?

    Pardon me guys, but this FULL RELEASE seems more unstable than the last RC....

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