Bypass the transparent proxy

  • Is there any easy way for some connetions to selectively bypass the squid transparent proxy?  Here we have an on-line stock-trading site that is using http port for its proprietary program.  I guess people running that site are hoping the traffic will be less likely to be blocked. But such a connection will inevitably cause problems when using transparent proxy as squid will not intercept the packet.

    Right now I am using endian firewall.  Yes it's a Linux based distro.  The latest version has a column under the squid category to let user add destinations to bypass the transparent proxy.  I found that for each destination that I added, one iptables rule was added accordingly to let it bypass the proxy.  My conclusion is that the firewall did it rather than utilizing squid but by using the native firewall rules, even though the destionations was added under the squid category.  Prior to that latest version, , I have to (or I can) manually add rules to do this.  There's a file, /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall.local, to let uses add their customized rules.

    Right now I am testing pfSense as I found it is more closer to the ideal one that I am looking for. I would like to know if there's any easy way to add this function other than adding rules manually.  I know less about FreeBSD then I do about Linux.  Thank you guys for any further information.

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