2wan, daily quota per IP on cable , unlimited torrents and hungry users on adsl2

  • i have a 15mbit cable connection with a 60GB monthly quota and an unlimited (albeit aggressively shaped) adsl2+ connection that i can torrent on 24/7

    right now we are using roughly 3.5GB per day on the cable connection (simple math, budget exceeded)

    i would like to assign each computer on the network a daily quota(or monthly on a per ip basis)

    the torrents must flow unimpeded through the adsl2+ connection

    when a user exceeds their daily quota id like them to be switched to the adsl2+ connection, which i also need to shape (aforementioned shaping is done on the ISPs network)

    is pfsense right for this job? are there better alternatives?

  • this is urgent. i cannot stop my torrents from downloading through my limited cable connection.

    WAN is unlimited adsl2
    WAN2 is 60GB per month cable connection

    torrents need to be goign through my unlimited connection

    right now i have if tcp/udp source NOT "fast ports alias" then Gateway WAN

    fast ports include 80 etc.

    this was working until a few weeks ago.

    right now im burning through my cap and it HURTS

    default gateway is WAN2

  • Id stop the torrents till its fixed then.

    Otherwise, can you go with a commercial grade account on your cable connect and get some more wiggle room?

  • price difference between 2 accoutns and 1 better account is several hunders of dollars per month, if not a thousand per month

  • I wonder if you could use l7-filter to set queues and after that, creating rule to use that limiter with another gateway. but don't know if it works.

  • Is this for your own network, or some service you're providing to others? (if the former, the obvious solution would be to generate all your P2P traffic on a certain host or subnet)

    You seem to be asking about policy routing based on daily quota per IP. I don't know if that is possible with pfsense. Also the consensus seems to be that L7 identification of torrents is very hard.

    Since you are in such a hurry, perhaps a simpler approach would suffice e.g. put all "used" ports (dns, ssh, smtp, imap, pop3, etc) into an alias and route them via WAN2 (cable), but  change default gw to WAN (adsl) so everything else (which by default includes P2P traffic) will flow via the uncapped connection.

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